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Hi Friends! My name is Randall Nielsen and I am a Queer Black artist residing in Manchester, NH. I am always looking for new ways of assimilating art and technology in my mission to spread color and light throughout the universe through queer shiny art. You can find my work on instagram and tiktok under the handle @Fromstrangepieces. I am also an avid facilitator in bringing art to the community. This year I founded Queerlective, an organization that works to create and promote inclusive spaces for queer, BIPOC and other underserved communities with a focus on using art for personal and community growth. Find out more on our instagram @Queer_lective.   
Title of your Piece: Realized Potential
Materials: Epoxy Resin, Acrylic Paint, Cellophane, PLA
And why it speaks to black excellence . 3-5 sentences 
We are shaped by our world but in turn are able to shape our world. When we are able to break out of any confines placed on us and define our own existence, what are we capable of? 
This piece shows the vast beauty that is manifested when one is able to realize their full potential . This is black excellence. 
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